The Scarlet Macaws of Arroyo Hondo Pueblo

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Members of the order Psittaciformes parrots and cockatoos are among the most long-lived and endangered avian species. Comprehensive data on lifespan and breeding are critical to setting conservation priorities, parameterizing population viability models, and managing captive and wild populations. Species varied widely in lifespan, with larger species generally living longer than smaller ones. The highest maximum lifespan recorded was 92 years in Cacatua moluccensis , but only 11 other species had a maximum lifespan over 50 years.

Our data indicate that while some captive individuals are capable of reaching extraordinary ages, median lifespans are generally shorter than widely assumed, albeit with some increase seen in birds presently held in zoos.

ARCAS initiated its scarlet macaw captive breeding program on the grounds of its rescue center in Peten. Since that date, it has fledged macaws per year.

It began in The chartered plane landed on a dusty airstrip in Guatemala, just across the border from Honduras. Under the cover of darkness, its cargo was unloaded and shuttled from one country to another. And then, just as quickly as it landed, the plane was gone. The scarlet macaw is the national bird of Honduras, a large and majestic creature easily recognizable by its lively red, blue and yellow coat. Coveted as pets, macaws have seen their populations decimated in recent years by the illegal wildlife trade.

Poachers snatch eggs and chicks from wild nests, clip the wings and smuggle birds not only within Honduras but also to Europe, the United States and Caribbean islands. On that flight nearly two decades ago, though, Davidson began to fight back.

Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Listing the Scarlet Macaw

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Scarlet macaws are iconic animals in the tropical forests of Mexico, Central America, and South America. Soaring through the canopy, these large parrots fill the forests with their loud vocalizations, crack nuts and unripened fruits with their powerful beaks, and spend hours preening the feathers of their lifelong mates. For centuries, humans have admired these birds for their intelligence and beauty, characterized by bright red, yellow, and blue feathers.

Wild scarlet macaws are imperiled in parts of their range. While they retain a foothold in South America, they are endangered in much of Mexico and Central America, where only a few thousand scarlet macaws remain. A key threat to scarlet macaws is habitat loss. In recent decades, these iconic birds have also been captured and removed from the wild in large numbers to supply the pet trade, despite numerous national and international laws making it illegal to sell wild-caught scarlet macaws.

The U.

28 Scarlet Macaw Facts (Ara macao) Guide to Both Subspecies

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He flew 90 live birds, all of them rescues from captivity, into an airfield on the wrong side of the border because it was the closest landing spot to.

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Such centers may have raised generations of captive macaws and These data are shown relative to the known date range of scarlet macaw.

The Mayan macaw is estimated to have less than individuals left in the wild. In , utilizing non-releasable birds confiscated on the illegal pet market, ARCAS initiated its scarlet macaw captive breeding program on the grounds of its rescue center in Peten. Since that date, it has fledged macaws per year for a total of 48 birds.

The knowledge obtained from this breeding program is important and has allowed us to assist other initiatives in the area and improve the long-lasting impact of the reinforcement program. The scarlet macaws in the breeding program were all originally taken from the wild, so this program allows them to contribute to the survival of their species. In a multi institutional, international workshop was organized to assess the possibilities of survival of the scarlet macaw in the Mayan forest.

Among the principal recommendations of the workshop was the need to release captive-bred individuals into the wild as a way to reinforce depleted wild populations. The first-ever released captive bred scarlet macaws now fly free over Sierra Lacandon! ARCAS is more than ever committed to avoid the extinction of this magnificent species and will be carrying out annual releases and satellite monitoring in the future. It is also one of the most seriously endangered wild animals in the area, primarily as a result of habitat loss due to the advance of the agricultural frontier, as well as hunting and animal trafficking.

ARCAS collaborates in efforts to conserve this flagship species. Jaguars Without Borders. These monkeys are usually captured using the incredibly inhumane method of shooting a nursing mother in the treetops, and, if it survives the fall, plucking the baby from its dead mother. Spider Monkey Rehab Program.

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The Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) is a among the 17 extant large from the wild and few individuals remain in captivity around the world.

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